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Special needs kittens

Glady and Hefty are two of three kittens left behind by the family of a deceased tenant at an apartment complex.  They were found in the trash when the manager  was checking the apartment after the family had come to clean out the apartment. They apparently took the mom cat with them, but left the kittens behind. They were in very poor condition. They were approximately 4 weeks old, but their eyes weren't open because of a Chlamydia infection, and they had upper respiratory infections

They were treated for the respiratory infection, but two of the kittens have suffered permanent damage to their eyes.  Hefty (neutered male) has one cloudy eye, and will be blind in that eye due to scarring. Both of the female kitten's eyes are deformed, and the vet said she would be blind permanently. But Glady (spayed female) didn't hear that, and can see most things up close!  She walks kind of low to the floor, relying heavily on her sense of smell.  She follows Hefty in new situations - he's like her guide dog. Glady is actually the more outgoing of the two, and has a little extra bit of what we call kitten crazy. 

Because of Glady's sensitivity to unfamiliar noises, being at the shelter could be stressful for them, so foster mom Martha will screen applications, and arrange to meet potential adopters at the shelter.    Glady and Hefty would best thrive in a quiet, calm household without dogs or young children.  It would be best if they could stay together if at all possible. After all they've been through; Glady deserves to keep Hefty, her guide "dog" brother, with her.


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